Drag and drop passing cars to avoid collisions (be that with Bob's car or other passing cars.)
Click or tap the "Oops!" message to retry

Bob has suddenly forgotten how to drive his car while speeding down the highway. He is praying to God (that's supposed to be you) to save him. Use your powers to move cars at will to help him get as far as possible in this hectic game.

Current World Record:
edmond00 with 11.3 km
(Post your records in the comments and I'll update this if you beat it :D)

Author's Comments: 
This was my first online Game Jam and it was quite fun. I think I'll try to join more to get better at making games. 
I'm not that happy about how this game turned out, but at least I finished it. In future jams I'll probably look for a team so I don't have to rely on royalty free artwork and sounds. 
I could have done better by investing more time into polish and game design.


And of course the good people of the Game Maker's Toolkit Discord for positive attitude and motivating words.

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