Micro Ninja is a 1 versus 1 brawl between two tiny ninjas. Each player controls their ninja and is trying to kill the other before they get killed. The ninjas are skilled parkour athletes as well as adept at throwing knives. Use these abilities to get the jump on your enemy!

How to Play


The controls are simple, but will take time to master. Following is each mechanic described in detail with a short video showing it off.


To run as the RED ninja, press left or right on your controller Dpad. You can jump by pressing the A button. The longer you hold it, the higher you'll get!

To run as the BLUE ninja, use the arrow keysTo jump press the up arrow. Same thing applies; hold it to go higher.

Wall Climb / Run up

As a ninja, you can climb walls! Jump while next to a wall to begin climbing. Without a run up, you can effectively reach a height of 5 blocks. On the other hand, if you run up to your wall climb and hit the wall and the right moment, you can reach heights over 7 blocks!

Wall Jump

Not only can you climb walls, you can jump from them as well! To do so, simply press jump again or move away from the wall while you still have enough upward momentum. Getting consistent at wall jumps is key to reaching great heights.

Fall Death / Roll

Be careful how high you climb! If you fall from a height too high (at least 9 blocks) you'll break your legs (or more) and die. That is, unless you can roll in time! To roll as the RED ninja, press the X button when you have enough momentum sideways.

As the BLUE ninja, you roll by pressing the down arrow. Rolling can not only save you from death, but it also gives you a speed boost! You can also use rolling to get through 1 block high gaps.


Another great way to save yourself from dying is to slide along the walls. By pressing into a wall you reduce your acceleration downwards and you can fall a much greater height.


To kill the other ninja, you need to hit them with one of your throwing knives. There are two ways to throw a knife, Straight, or Alternate. 

As the RED ninja, to throw Straight, you press the B button. For an Alternate throw, press the Y button.

As the BLUE ninja, to throw Straight, press X on your keyboard. For an Alternate throw, press Z.

Stationary Throw

If you're not moving, your Alternate throw is straight up. This can be useful if the other ninja is above you jumping from platform to platform.

Run Throw

While running, your Alternate throw is 45 degrees above the horizontal. This is useful in close-quarters combat when the other ninja is trying to jump over you.

Jump Throw

While jumping (not falling), your Alternate throw is slightly downwards (20 degrees). This is useful if you're jumping over the other ninja's knives or when you have the higher ground.


Lastly, you have a limited supply of knives. To refill your supply, walk across a knife stuck in a wall or floor to collect it. Having knife advantage (having more knives than your opponent) is good because you can decide the flow of the fight by deciding when to introduce more knives.


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